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Living in Chris Carter’s Shadow

November 19, 2012

Got this email from Chris today.

‘JMC Shadow frame and forks (K84970) in action back in the day.
The racing shots are:
1) The bike leading the pack round the first turn at Romford in the UK – 1987;
2) The bike on the gate at the World Championships in Orlando, Florida – 1987;
The next shots are the frame and forks as they stand today. The chrome and decals are all original and just as they were when the frame left the factory on 11th May 1984. Unfortunately the fork decals have long since come off, but apart from that everything is in tact, even the seat clamp system (I think the bolt itself has been replaced, but the welded on bosses are still perfect). To my knowledge, it has only had two owners including myself. I plan to rebuild it using the period parts I still have plus a few that I’ll need to find.
I raced in the UK from 1983 to around 1989, campaigning the JMC for the ’87 season in the 17+ category.
In truth, the bike was too small for me, but with a DK extra long stem it just about fit perfect. But I always found the handling of the JMC so sweet, that the sizing problem didn’t seem to matter. I found that you didn’t have to get used to a JMC – you just climbed aboard and went and it was right straight from the word go. Undoubtedly one of BMX’s finest frames!
And from one JMC admirer to another, thanks for keeping the legend alive via your website.
Best regards,
Chris Carter.’

Man, Chris kept rocking JMC after the company folded! Hope Jim reads your unsolicited praise.
Everybody likes a certain feel. Once you find a bike that has it, hard to let go.
Thanks for sending the pictures and info. – Erick Weinstetter

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